Dallas Cowboys who are on verge of being released.


Today is the last day of training camp for the Dallas Cowboys in Oxnard, California. After a week full of physical practices against the Raiders, the team will pack up all the equipment and head back to Arlington to take on the Ravens on Saturday.

With training camp in the books and roughly three weeks left until the start of the season, a lot of eyes are on the back end of the roster and just which of those players will be making the 53 man roster.

In this week’s top five we take a look at the players who have to impress in the coming weeks or they risk being released.

Matt Johnson

Absolutely has to get on the field. There isn’t much else that can be said. He possesses the skills needed to play in the league and cover from the safety position but he cannot do any of those things until he gets healthy. The team will see it through to the end of camp but if he hasn’t even shown what he can do on the field by then the front office may decide it’s time to part ways.

Caleb Hanie

With camp over one thing seems assured, if the Cowboys keep a developmental quarterback on the roster on the team; it’s going to Dustin Vaughn. Hanie has yet to impress and will have to dial it way up if he hopes to change the minds of this coaching staff.

Will Smith

With so many injuries to other parts of the defense, it is unclear if the boys will be able to go long at the linebacker position. Smith hasn’t played poorly but is going to have to a lot more to show these coaches not only that he deserves to be on the team but that he deserves a roster spot over some other position group.

Darrion Weems

Weems has been a developmental project on this team for a while now. The San Diego game was so-so for him and there are a few younger offensive linemen on the roster that the Cowboys like. He has to prove a continued investment is warranted.

Tyler Clutz and J. C. Copeland

Someone has to show something at the fullback position or the team may not keep one at all. Klutz and Copeland not only have to beat out each other but they also have to look good enough to keep over one of the other full backs or blocking tight ends that will be released from another team before the start of the season. Unless they show that they can black on the move then the team does not have a need for them.

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