Governor of Maine says Ray Rice should be beaten as punishment


A great number of people have been upset by the NFL’s punishment of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Many feel that the league’s two-game suspension is far too lenient for an infraction as serious as domestic abuse. A lot of them have legitimate points to make about setting a bad precedent and the imbalanced nature of how the NFL deals with some issues as opposed to others.

Then again some people have used the opportuntiy to spout ignorant rhetoric, and this next guy is the worst of all.

According to a report by Yahoo Sports, the Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage is so angry about Rice’s suspension that he wrote a long letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell, in which he claimed that Rice should have been suspended for three years and taken behind the wood shed:

“As a matter of fact, the team should have taken him out in the back shed and taken care of him…”

Right. Because that would teach everyone that physical violence is wrong. Among the insults and righteous indignation to be found in his letter, LePage also promised to boycott the league as a result of their lax treatment of Rice.

The eight NFL fans who live in the state of Maine were unavailable for comment on the story.


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  • BallinRealHard

    This is the type of people that we elect into office?
    I’m not in any way saying that what #27 did was acceptable, but a political official threatening/condoning violence as a solution…typical. This guy probably can’t even spell hypocrite, but I’m sure that he’ll be re-elected because the vast majority of people will listen to this idiot tell them exactly what they want to hear.