How confident are Detroit Lions fans heading into the 2014 NFL season?


The Detroit Lions have a long-suffering fanbase. No Lions team has won a playoff game in over 20 years and after last season’s epic collapse, fans are starting to get antsy. Even still there are plenty of reasons to feel good about the team this year. How confident are Lions fans about the 2014 season? Let’s find out.

Recently a digital marketing agency known as Prime Visibility ranked all 32 NFL teams based on a metric that evaluated how confident fans are feeling about their teams via social media mentions. Here is how they calculated it, according to Yahoo Sports:



So, how do Lions fans feel? According to Prime Visibility their sentiment rating is 78.31 percent, which makes them the 14th most confident fanbase in the NFL going into the 2014 season. Not bad. But think how much higher it would be if the Lions could just get out of their own way.

In case you’re wondering, Dallas Cowboys fans were ranked the least confident and Seattle Seahawks fans the most.

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