Oakland Raiders QB Matt Schaub named one of five NFL players on the hot seat


Yes, most NFL teams have only played one preseason game. And yes, the start of regular season is still three weeks away. But that doesn’t mean players and coaches around the league aren’t already on the hot seat; the NFL is s results-oriented organization, where performing at a high level is required at all times. If someone isn’t up to the task, and a better option is available, teams will make a change in an instant.

Who is staring down this possibility already? To see the five people who are already on the hot seat, CLICK HERE.

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  • Walter Spargo

    On Matt Schaub “he’s not that good; that’s why he was available.” Respectfully disagree! He is good. How many QBs have thrown for over 4000 yards three times in four years in their career?

    Matt Schaub has over 24,000 yards in his 10 year in the league. Take away the time in Atlanta where he was a back-up and only played in 38 games and attempted only 161 passes in 3 years. Now you have a QB with 23,021 yards, 124 TDs and 78 INTs.

    His lifetime QBR, including his time with the Falcons is 89.8. He had a bad year in 2013, but other than that, he has been very good.

    You also forgot that he had 2 passes dropped. They weren’t on the money, but they were catchable and his WRs have to make those catches.

    I agree he is on the hot seat, but not because of the reasons given. The whole team is on the hot seat.