What really grinds my gears: No Reggie Wayne yet


We are almost to our second preseason Indianapolis Colts game, and for almost 10 months now, I have to see Reggie Wayne play in a game.

Yeah, I know he is recovering from a torn ACL, and Chuck Pagano wants to make sure he eases his way back into things. I mean. that is the right move on his part, but for the love of Ray J, I just want to see old number 87 back in pads in a live game. I mean can you honestly say that you have not been waiting for this moment since he went down with his injury against the Denver Broncos last season? Yeah, that is what I thought.

When Reggie showed up to training camp last month, he told the media that he might have to break out the boxing gloves when Pagano would rest him for practice. Of course this was a joke, and it was a joke when earlier in the week he said sometimes he just wants to make his coach tap out when he holds him out of practice and held him out of the first game. I will say it again, I just want to see Wayne run a quick route make a spectacular catch and make it look like a routine catch, like he has done his whole career.

I do not care if it is only a series of snaps. or even just the first play. Seeing Wayne out on the field, sporting the blue and white will be enough for me. And I know Wayne is chomping at the bit to get some real live game action, even if it only the preseason.

Pagano has not yet said whether or not Wayne will play this Saturday, and I will understand to the fullest if he hold him out again. Yet, if he suits up, I will be eagerly waiting for his first snap to see how he is. During camp this year he has looked like his old self, crisp route running, great catches, and almost no one has been able to cover him.

I guess it is now in the hands of the Colts staff yet again, but we all know what fans and Reggie want.

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