Bruce Arians makes the Arizona Cardinals run, again


The Arizona Cardinals might lead the league in lateral speed after the latest blow-up at training camp.

According to Fox Sports, head coach Bruce Arians made his players run after another fight broke out in practice. Seeing how Arians has zero tolerance for that kind of crap, he made the whole team run sideline-to-sideline sprints known as gassers.

After a few gassers, Arians did something even more surprising–he walked away from the field and left his assistant coaches to keep running practice. He eventually came back after a few minutes but the point seems to have been driven home by the extra sprints.

Is it us, or does anyone else thing Bruce Arians is the Herb Brooks of the NFL?

Brooks led the 1980 US Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey team to gold including the monumental win over the Soviet Union. He notoriously made his players skate up and down the ice one night after a pre-Olympic exhibition game until they realized who they were–a team. Brooks also had his own sayings called Brookisms that were memorable sayings.

A couple examples:

“You’re playing worse and worse every day and right now you’re playing like it’s next month.”

“You look like you have a five pound fart on your head.”

“You guys are getting bent over and they’re not using Vaseline.”

“You look like a monkey tryin’ to hump a football!”

Arians said things like “No risk it, no biscuit” at a press conference so he seems to be right on par. If he does, there’s one more quote that can describe both the Cardinals and the Olympic team’s correct mentality to a “T.”

“You’re looking for players whose name on the front of the sweater is more important than the one on the back. I look for these players to play hard, to play smart, and to represent their country.”

Yep. Arians is the new Brooks. Brooks died 11 years ago in a one-car accident outside Minneapolis.