5 things for Seattle Seahawks fans to worry about in 2014


After winning their first Super Bowl, Seahawks fans have a range of emotions heading into the season of their title defense. While there are many, many reasons to approach 2014 with confidence, this is the NFL, and no chickens should be counted before they’ve hatched.

There are five reasons why every Seattle fan should be more than a little nervous about the Seahawks’ chance to make confetti angels again this February.

1. Injuries!

The list of impact players on the Seahawks not sidelined by injury this offseason might be shorter than the roll call for those who’ve spent time nursing their wounds. It’s been such an inauspicious start for the Seahawks’ health that minor injuries to receiver Percy Harvin and defensive lineman Cassius Marsh this week sent Seahawks fans on social media clutching their heads, covering their eyes, and running for the emergency exits. (That’s a metaphor. Mostly.)

Coaches claim that many of the Seahawks’ injured players are on the mend, and will return by the beginning of the regular season. But the injury bug has bitten every position group outside of the quarterbacks this offseason, including both newly drafted wide receivers, All-Pro strong safety Kam Chancellor, four of the five top linebackers, and three out of the four returning starters on the offensive line.

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  • mike

    Hey Chris why don’t you go back to Santa Clara where you evidently live. I deem that by you total negativity to The defending SB champion Seattle Seahawks. There injuries are not what you stated. Wilson did not have to throw all the time on the run as you stated. He did quite well as evidenced through the whole 2013 season. The Seahawks are three and four fold deep in LB DB and the secondary. For the defense to not do the same as they did in 2013 10 defensive starters would have to go out with injuries. Not likely to happen. Percy Harvin injured again as you so stated in your column. Did you even watch the 3rd preseason game the Hawks played against the Bears? If you had you would Have seen the performance that Harvin put on and that the Hawks offense did to a supposedly much better defense in the Bears. You would likely nhave said a different story. If you are going to do sports reporting, please do it in a non biased fashion. And use facts and stats that are current and not something you decide is a given. JHC!! Thank you.