Baltimore Ravens fans irrationally confident heading into 2014 season


The Baltimore Ravens suffered a Super bowl hangover last year but don’t that to their fans.

Recently a digital marketing agency known as Prime Visibility ranked all 32 NFL teams based on a metric that evaluated how confident fans are feeling about their teams via social media mentions. Here is how they calculated it, according to Yahoo Sports:



So, how confident are Ravens fans compared with other fanbases? According to Prime Visibility their sentiment rating is 84.70 percent, which makes them the fifth most confident fans in the NFL. This ranking was the most surprising to me out of all of them. Clearly Ravens fans are high on the moves the team made this offseason (at least I assume that’s what they’re high on) and have expectations for another deep postseason run, as in 2012. Good for you, guys.

In case you’re wondering, Dallas Cowboys fans were ranked the least confident and Seattle Seahawks fans the most.

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  • JacktheRaven

    Of course we’re confident. We’re only a year & a half from a SB win.

  • Bob

    If you can’t be confident in the pre-season, when can you be confident? If you go into the season with expectations of a loosing season, you must be a Jaguars fan (sorry Jacksonville, too easy) Harbaugh and Flacco took the team to the playoffs their forst 5 years, with a drop off last year. Why not again in 2015?