How confident are New York Jets fans heading into 2014 season?


We know that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan does not suffer from a lack of confidence. Recently he’s gone on the record and said that the Jets should be a playoff team this year and that he’s one of the best at what he does. But it’s part of Ryan’s job to be bullish on his team. How do Jets fans feel coming into the new season? Let’s find out.

Recently a digital marketing agency known as Prime Visibility ranked all 32 NFL teams based on a metric that evaluated how confident fans are feeling about their teams via social media mentions. Here is how they calculated it, according to Yahoo Sports:



So, how do Jets fans rank compared to others? According to Prime Visibility their sentiment rating is just 68.37 percent, which ranks them 28th overall in the NFL. Not exactly a vote of confidence, and it’s understandable after the way the last few seasons have panned out, but 28 sounds low to me. It could certainly be worse.

In case you’re wondering, Dallas Cowboys fans were ranked the least confident and Seattle Seahawks fans the most.

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