VIDEO: Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has ice in his veins


If you haven’t seen videos of the ice bucket challenge yet odds are you don’t own a television or internet connection or are living in some distant solar system that we have yet to discover. In any case, it’s a promotion which is helping raise awareness for ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gherig’s disease.

The challenge is simple: once accepted, you either make a donation for the cause or splash a bucket of ice water over your head. Celebrities and professional athletes have gotten in on it and the phenomenon is now a viral hit. While there’s some friendly ribbing involved in who challenges who, it’s all for a good cause and it’s not a competition.

However if it were a competition, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid would have to be near the top of the standings. Check out his video of Reid taking it on:

Impressive stuff there by Reid. While a lot of the participants have taken to screaming or giggling like little girls when they get hit with the ice water, Reid doesn’t even so much as flinch.

Ice in his veins? Or a lot of padding? You decide.


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