3 takeaways from the Seattle Seahawks’ blowout win over San Diego


When the Seattle Seahawks debuted against the Denver Broncos a couple of weeks ago they did not look anything like the championship team that last left the field in New York in February.

Many starters were sitting out to be fair, but on the whole Seattle looked sluggish, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

But on Friday night the team came out and made an empatic statement in a 41-14 win over the San Diego Chargers in front of a home town crowd. It is still only the preseason, but every game is a learning opportunity. Here’s three big takeaways from the game.

1. Russell Wilson is just getting started

Wilson was phenomenal on Friday, plain and simple. I find it comical that so many analysts and average fans like to pejoratively call him a game manager when he’s done this on so many occasions.

Mr. Wilson completed 11 of 13 passes for 121 yards and added two rushing touchdowns to boot.

In our preview of the game I said I was hoping to see Darrell Bevell let Wilson off the leash a bit against San Diego’s secondary, and he did exactly that. Even with a 17-0 lead, Wilson was looking to burn the Chargers on deep passes, including a beautiful strike to Doug Baldwin in the end zone.┬áThat one got called back and ADB was less than thrilled about it, but it was no big deal as Wilson ended up running it in for a touchdown anyway.

According to Earl Thomas, Wilson has made another big leap forward in his development this offseason, and this game appeared to corroborate that claim. Wilson could be just scratching the surface of an elite level of talent…

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  • Zack

    I agree with everything written in this article except for one thing… If Lynch continues to average 2+ yards a carry, Turbin becomes the new #1. Lynch has done a good job of burning bridges this offseason anyway, so his time at #1 may be shorter than what anyone thinks. I personally feel they should’ve traded him while he had value still.

  • pat

    The beast may find himself tradebait before the opener.Raiders would make a nice home for the bay area and local hero/player.They need him more than we do,but would they pay? Provide an O line?