Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee to Chuck Pagano: “I’m Sorry”


The Indianapolis Colts blew a 26 point lead against the New York Giants in the fourth quarter last Saturday night. Down one point with less than a minute left however, the Colts still had a chance to pull off the win.

Chuck Pagano sent Pat McAfee out to try the game winning 64 yard field goal with a few seconds left. McAfee launched the ball and had the distance, but the kick went just a little to the left. McAfee has stated before that he would like to take over field goal duties when Adam Vinatieri finally decides to retire.

Back in the locker room McAfee passed Pagano and told him that he was sorry that he had missed the game winner. The coach responded with “That’s okay, you’ll hit a game winner for us this season.”

McAfee aka Mr. Boomstick has stated that he could easily hit 70 yard field goals. With the leg power we saw Saturday night, there should be not question as to the fact that he can succeed in that department. Whenever Vinatieri decided to retire, the Colts might find themselves in an easy position to replace the greatest kick in NFL history.

McAfee is a fan favorite, and would do well to be a kicker and a punter for the Colts in the near future. And the fact that it would save the Colts some money would be a bonus as well. So keep your head up high Pat, it was only a preseason game, you’ll hit the next one.

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