Are the Raiders giving Matt McGloin a fair shot?


McGloin. McMoxie. McLovin’. Call him what you want, but the Oakland Raiders have one of the best third string quarterbacks in the league. Replacing an injured Terrelle Pryor in week 11 last year, Matt McGloin’s first pass against Matt Schaub’s Texans was a five-yard touchdown strike to Denarius Moore. There was no wild scrambling or option-reads. Instead, there were back shoulder fades and deep outs. The Raiders, for the first time that year, had a quarterback. McGloin would finish the game with three touchdowns – the most by an undrafted quarterback ever – and the season with over 1,500 yards and eight touchdowns and eight interceptions in six starts.

There is no doubt in my mind that if McGloin was a first round pick and put up those numbers in 2013, the Raiders would have a very different quarterback room this year. McGloin wasn’t perfect. His fearless, risky style often brought up comparisons to Brett Favre’s ‘gun-slinging’ style. But he is intelligent, he can complete difficult throws, and the offense rallied behind him. For a few reasons, though, there is a phenomenon in the NFL where early round draft picks are given more time to prove themselves than those undrafted. Dennis Allen wrapped up the 2013 season by admitting, “I’m not sure that we have the quarterback of the future in the building right now.”

So McGloin entered the 2014 offseason behind Matt Schaub and second round draft pick Derek Carr. Schaub has been underwhelming, but his supporting cast has also let him down with dropped passes in the preseason. Carr has been solid and exciting to watch, but he left the Lions game with bruised ribs and a concussion. Enter Matt McGloin. Playing against backups (and with backups), McGloin played immediately went deep to Andre Holmes for 29-yards, and to TE Scott Simonson for 24 yards. He would finish the game with a monster 19-yard game-winning touchdown to Brice Butler.

This preseason, McGloin has played five series, and all five provided scoring opportunities.

“It was nice to see Matt, I’m talking about Matt McGloin, get in there and take us down to that two-minute drive and get us a touchdown to win the game,” Allen said on Saturday. “I recognize that it’s a preseason game, but I think when you’re trying to build something I think any time you’re able to come away with a win, I think that’s a positive for your football team.”

When the Raiders traded for Schaub, they immediately proclaimed him the starter. There would be no competition. Should the Raiders scrap their plans to start Schaub? No. McGloin was not given an open chance to be the starting quarterback role, but to give it to him after a few nice preseason series is premature. But the question remains: has McGloin’s undrafted status inhibited him from a fair shot to be the Raiders’ quarterback? McGloin, after his game-winning touchdown to Butler, answered this himself.

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  • Randy h.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but just because Matt McGloin isn’t a drafted player doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a shot at a starting position. He’s shown that hes ready for the season, he’ll sit in the pocket, scramble and run. He’s the reason we had points in the minnisota game and hes the reason why we won the lions game. give him the start in the preseason green bay game and see how he plays. i bet he will do better than schuab.

  • Terrence H

    I would like to see MCgloin be our starter, but because Dennis Allen and Reggie went out spent the money on Schaub, that is not going to happen. IT is apparent they are hard presses to admit Wrong, look at their earlier draft picks.
    McGloin will get in the lineup when Schaub gets carried off the field along with Carr.

    • Walter Spargo

      They didn’t really spend much on Schaub. It cost them a 6th round draft pick. McGloin still has plenty to learn, so why not let him learn behind Schaub just like Carr? He is already better than a few starters on other teams and probably better than ALL of the other team’s backups. There is trade value, particularly of anyone loses a QB.

      Yes, look at their earlier draft picks. No colossial busts there. Still too early to tell. Bergstrom (95th overall pick) is still around with a legitimate shot at making the team after missing his 2nd season to injury. Hayden injured, but that is on him, not the guys who drafted him. Melenik Watson playing much better so far after being plagued by injury as a rookie. Sio Moore was a a rookie. The jury is out on the 2014 draft class, but I hear good things.

      Sitting Schaub and Carr while starting McGloin is the most sure way to get the coaches fired.

  • Ash

    its disappointing to see such a real talent get benched. I said all last year ‘IN MCGLOIN I TRUST’ and all my friends thought i was crazy. his win loss column wasn’t great but he was also flung into the starter position last year and still did better than both men ahead of him, so just think how well he would do if he had a year behind a true starter! i think after last years experience he’s matured and is more ready but he’ll be a talent that won’t be truly seen until he goes somewhere else, watch

  • Pat Reilly

    Matt McGloin, had to fight for every position in his football career. He will be a starter in the NFL in the near future. We in the Scranton area are proud of him.

  • Jerry Cagle

    For a walk on player at qb last year he did great, and as soon as the season ended Allen said they need a new qb, so they go buy 1 qb and draft another qb and make Matt the third string qb without giving him a shot as the first string qb and by the way he has played better than both qb so far. Carr won’t miss a game because he knows that he would end as the third string qb. Schaub is already running for his life as soon as the ball is snapped and that isn’t looking good for a experienced qb and the Raiders have not played a great team yet. Raiders should give Matt a chance to be the qb and fire all the coaches that can’t see that he his the qb of the future for the Raiders.

  • Gerard de Marigny

    Preaching to the choir here. I’ve been Matt’s biggest fan since he first lined up for my alma mater Penn State. I saw the heart of a (Nittany) lion and the soul of a winner! Coach O’Brien refined him and held him to task … with the right coaching, Matt could be a premier starting QB for my beloved RAIDERS!

  • Bill Hobbs

    I’ve followed Matt since his Penn State days and He is a special player. At PSU, before he became starter, every time he would come into a game you could visibly see that not only did the Offense step up and play better, but the defense did as well. He always seemed to bring energy and urgency into the game. I see the same thing happening this preseason with the Raiders even with the little playing time he’s gotten so far. He makes it count for something. I just don’t know if he will get that chance with the Raiders. I know the team’s management likes him, but its tough to overcome that stigma of being a UDFA. I almost wish that Bill O’Brien would come a courtin’ for him. He’s certainly better than what Bill has to work with on the Texans.

    • Jim B

      I the Raiders’ management can’t see McGloin’s potential, then I also would not mind seeing McGloin teamed up with O’Brien again. At least McGloin would get a fair shot.

  • Terrrence Healy

    If the Raiders trade Matt McGloin I will lose all confidence in the current Managements decision making skills. Look where cable is now, Palmer still was worth keeping, Veldeer??? Hayden???? Denarious Moore???? McFadden??? all bad choices.

  • Jim B

    The powers that be at the Raiders keep bringing in QB’s and expecting them to be the silver bullet that saves the team. I prefer McGloin’s style to Pryor’s, but neither really had a chance last year. Neither had time to be mentored by an experienced QB. SO what do you expect? Russell Wilson? Well put either Pryor or McGloin with a team loaded to the gills with talent like the Seahawks and you will get a copmetely different result. When McGloin pulled us into the lead and the defense handed the game back to the opponents, what do you expect? Now they expect Derek Carr to be a demi-God right out of college. Any time some is called a “franchise QB” without having played one down in a regular-season NFL game, you know it’s BS. If you want to see some really crappy 1st year stats, check out Peyton Manning’s. Compared to those, McGlion is way ahead. Only a fool believes in a silver bullet fix. The management should have brought in a better front line instead of getting Schaub and Carr.

    Please Raiders, either play McGloin or trade him to someone who will. He’s fun to watch no matter what team he is with.