Chicago Bears defensive end David Bass dishes on events in Ferguson


Football is great, but it’s not the only thing in life. Sometimes larger issues in society have to come to the forefront and nothing can help that along like a professional athlete not being afraid to speak his mind.

So it goes with Chicago Bears defensive end David Bass. Bass grew up near Ferguson, Missouri, which has become the epicenter of a number of hot-button political issues incuding racial tension and police militarization in recent weeks in the wake of the police shooting of teen Mike Brown.

Here’s what Bass told Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated about Ferguson over the weekend:

“As a community Ferguson isn’t a bad place to grow up. It’s not the east side, with the gang violence and the killing… There’s a lot of diversity now, with white and black people living side by side. The police stayed white, though.”

Bass went on to state that the police are not well loved in the community, and that racial profiling is a normal state of affairs. He says that he gets pulled over regularly whenever he returns home and relates a story about being turned away from a nightclub without explanation by a white bouncer.

“When they don’t know who you are, all you are is black. They don’t know that I graduated from college, or that I’m in the NFL. But when they find that out, they want to stop and have a conversation.”

The entire article is definitely worth a read – you can find it hear at the MMQB site.

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