Johnny Manziel’s middle finger can’t compare to Tennessee Titans legend Bud Adams’


Last night rookie sensation and hype machine Johnny Manziel made his NFL Monday Night Football debut against the Washington Redskins. It didn’t go nearly as well as he had planned.

Manziel completed just seven of 16 passes, was sacked three times and averaged a pathetic 4.1 yards per pass.

The Redskins bullied and taunted him all night, and by the third quarter he was visibly frustrated. After hearing some jeers from Washington’s sideline, Manziel flipped them the bird over his shoulder:

It’s caused quite a stir on the internet as you can imagine, but we should remember that Manziel isn’t the first NFL personality to do it. As one helpful Twit pointed out, former Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams was quite a fan of the gesture:

By comparison, Manziel’s middle finger looks like his heart isn’t really into it. You know, kind of like the way he played.

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