Twitter Tuesday: Indianapolis Colts punter burns troller


Yesterday, Madden “rating czar” talked about the hardest hitting kicker in the games history. That man is rookie Carey Spear, better known by some as Murderleg.

His hit power comes in at a rating of 73. That is more than Richard Sherman, Darnell Docket, and Osi Umenyiora. Spear talks about in the VIDEO that hit power is mostly rated on watching film, because there is not a lot of hard data on the rating.

Clearly Spear has forgotten about the Denver Broncos game last season when Pat McAfee laid out Trindon Holiday. Below is McAfee breaking down his big hit.

After the video on Spear’s new hit rating, a man on Twitter asked Mr. Boomstick his thoughts on the rating. His response was that of epic proportions.

McAfee is the defintion of how to do social media right, and why he is one of the funniest players in the entire league.

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