Derek Carr may be the guy Raiders have been waiting for, but they should keep waiting


The Oakland Raiders have no plans on letting rookie quarterback Derek Carr challenge Matt Schaub for the starting quarterback job. Head coach Dennis Allen has said repeatedly that Schaub is his starter and that he wants Carr to sit and learn behind Schaub before taking over the duties as starting quarterback. And two preseason games into the year, with Carr looking better than Schaub, nothing has changed for Allen. He still insists that not only is Schaub the starter, he will not even be giving Carr extra reps with the first team in order to evaluate it. Some have interpreted this as Allen showing a blind allegiance to Schaub despite his average play thus far.

This, however, is not quite what is happening. It’s not an allegiance to Schaub that Allen is exhibiting, it’s an allegiance to his plan.

The fact of the matter is, the Raiders are playing it safe with Carr. Sure, he has much bigger boom potential than Schaub in 2014, but he is also a much bigger investment than Schaub is. If Carr goes out his rookie season and has his confidence destroyed because he isn’t ready, he really could end up being David Carr part two. Clearly this team has a much better offensive line than the elder Carr had in Houston but the fact remains, quarterbacks in the NFL frequently see their future dashed thanks to being forced into action too soon.

Meanwhile, the Raiders will get to see first hand the benefits of letting a player sit and mature before asking him to start when they travel to Green Bay to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Rodgers was a first round pick out of Cal but was asked to sit and wait while veteran Brett Favre finished his career with the cheese heads. When Rodgers came into the NFL he was still very raw, but by the time he was a starter, he had become a polished player.

So while it appears that Carr has the potential to win more games for the Raiders this season, playing him also has the potential of ruining the biggest and best investment in the future of the franchise the team may have.

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