Grades are in, but does Kyle Juszczyk’s ode to Biggie Smalls stack up?


There are plenty of memorable entrances in Ravens history — obviously none more so than Ray Lewis (the Gladiator clips set it way over the top).

Nobody will be dethroning Ray Lewis.  That’s just a fact.  However, players consistently add their own flair to the entrance game, and Ravens starting fullback/h-back, Kyle Juszczyk, isn’t letting his opportunity go to waste.

Kick in the door waving the 4-4! (Not what Biggie had in mind, but Juszczyk’s wearing No. 44…)

When looking at Juszczyk’s entrance, there are a couple things that stand out.  One: it is a solid idea; sometimes the simplest ones stick the longest.  Two: his execution wasn’t great.  Not a fantastic performance, and he could have sold the actions a bit more.

Not going to knock him too much, but we aren’t just going to give away high grades like candy here.

This is definitely something to build on, and while it shows the potential to be something special, what it needs now is refinement.

Grade: C+

Theatrics are no stranger to football, so let’s see if Juszczyk can *juice* this idea for all it’s worth.

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