Mailbag: What to read from Drew Brees' lingering injury


Nick, I know it’s just the preseason but I have to admit that this Drew Brees oblique situation is freaking me out. Is there anything we should be legitimately worried about as Saints’ fans? – Nervous Ned, Negreet

Ned, I think any injury should be taken seriously – even in the preseason.

If Brees were completely 100% healthy then these reports wouldn’t be coming out. Honestly, of all the things that could be ailing Brees an oblique is on my short list of “bad places to be injured”.

Think of quarterbacks like pitchers, the torque they generate from throwing a football is all created in their midsection/legs. Arm strength is the manifestation of solid fundamentals and a strong core.

There are positives, though. The team isn’t worried, and Brees isn’t worried. I’m no doctor (I play one on TV) but everything I’ve read has pointed to this being a minor tweak and not indicative of any sort of major or structural issues.

As far as panic goes, I think Saints fans should still be relatively optimistic. He hasn’t missed a regular season game, and he’s expected to play this week in Indianapolis.

Assuming he goes out and plays well, I think the Who Dat Nation can rest easy.

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