Peyton Manning has words for Houston Texans defense


Gearing up for their game on Saturday, the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos are holding a joint practice together. Peyton Manning, fresh off of a season that saw him throw 55 touchdowns and 5,477 passing yards (both NFL records,) had a few good things to say about the Texans defense while complaining about his team’s offense.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Manning stated that he thought Denver’s offense “Stunk today. I thought the Houston defense totally kicked our butt,” he said yesterday.

Manning then continued “They executed better than we did. I just thought they did their jobs a lot better than we did on offense.” Manning also went on to call Jadeveon Clowney “a heck of a talent,” and also called J.J. Watt “a special player.”

We all know how classy of a guy Peyton Manning is, but surely kind words to a former division rival during his days with the Indianapolis Colts. It is just practice for now, but Manning’s words should give the Texans defense a strong boost of confident. After all, this is the team that became the greatest offense of all time a year ago.


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