Ranking the Kansas City Chiefs ticket prices


As the season approaches, many fans are trying to figure out which games they want to get out to see. Here are the prices for the Chiefs home games, per VividSeats.com.




The hottest ticket on the market is the Patriots game, followed closely by the Broncos, and then the Seahawks. The remaining Chiefs games will all cost you around $110 on average. It got me to thinking… How do these rankings compare to the rest of the NFL?

The only teams in the NFL that have cheaper home tickets, on average — according to VividSeats.com — are the Buffalo Bills and the St. Louis Rams. Count your blessings, Chiefs fans!

So, how do opposing teams’ fan bases react when the Chiefs are coming to town? How do those tickets sell?


Unfortunately for Chiefs nation, not well. Overall, the Chiefs have the 10th worst road draw in the NFL (11% worse than the home team’s average ticket draw).


The only fan base willing to pay more to see the Chiefs play their hometown team is the Denver Broncos, who pay 5.3% more to see the Broncos play the Chiefs than their average home ticket price.

That Chiefs vs. Broncos game is also the only game that made the top 25 most expensive draws for the 2014 season.



All prices are based upon VividSeats.com prices.

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