Cowboys LB Holloman forced to retire after career-ending neck injury


Dallas, TX- Unfortunately these things happen every so often but it still doesn’t change the sadness factor. Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeVonte Holloman, a sixth round pick in 2013, has played his last football game in the National Football League. Holloman missed seven games last season with an undisclosed neck injury that had been bothering him. In last weeks game with the Baltimore Ravens, Holloman went down with another apparent neck injury.

The entire tone around the team seemed to be ominous and that wasn’t going to lead to good news in this situation. Today when speaking to the media, head coach Jason Garrett confirmed the speculation. “It doesn’t look like Holloman will be able to play football anymore.”

Holloman will be set to retire, which is a sad ending to a promising football career, he’ll join Giants’ running-back David Wilson as the second player forced to retire prematurely this offseason due to injury. DeVonte Holloman was once a fan favorite to end up winning the starting MIKE linebacker job until this injury forced his retirement.

This is the sad reality of football, it is a contact sport and the risk of injury is higher than any other sport you can think of, it’s truly a depressing thought though when things like this happen. Hopefully though this will lead to a quality of life for Holloman, even though at this point he’ll have to give up one dream and focus on another.

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  • Jeff S

    This is really sad, guy just can’t get a break. It’s really too bad because I really liked his upside, but he’s really smart for making this call.