Jim Irsay receives a continuance on his court date for OWI


Jim Irsay was set to have his first court date from a pending arrest last March. A judge today granted a continuance at the end of October. October 30th to be exact.

Irsay’s legal team requested the continuance earlier in the week, and the judge has approved. He was set to appear in court next week for the first time. He is charged with operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in the body and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The charges could lead to a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail.

Irsay is thought to have been under the influence of oxycodone or hydrocodone during the March 16th traffic stop. A stop that also revealed that the owner had 29,000 dollars in cash on him.

No punishment has been handed down from the NFL yet, but one should be expected once the sentence from the court is in. Since his arrest, Irsay checked himself into rehab and has come back to take charge of the team. He has saved public face by donating to local charities and promising fans that he will change. All good signs that could lead to a lighter sentence from Roger Goodell.

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