Robert Griffin III is calling out his doubters on Twitter


Well, it seems as if Robert Griffin III has been watching a little too much ESPN, or maybe he’s just spent a little too much time on Twitter. Either way, he’s heard the criticism.

Now, is RGIII simply talking about the criticism he’s received over his “sliding” ability? That’s what a lot of the discussion has been about for the last week, but that doesn’t seem like something worth getting so worked up about.

Or, could RGIII be talking to all those people–some of which may be in the Redskins locker room–who think that Kirk Cousins is the better quarterback? Earlier this week, reports surfaced that RGIII has continued to alienate himself from the Redskins locker room, and that his teammates aren’t necessarily behind his back.

Whoever “they” is, RGIII isn’t very happy with them. Fortunately, though, in this league, he’ll get every chance to prove himself.

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