The New England Patriots don’t need to call Tim Tebow, but these 10 teams should


He hasn’t been seen in awhile, at least on the football field. The only vision of Tim Tebow of late has been on the SEC Network, where he currently is filling the role of a college football analyst.

While that gig helps pass the time, and brings in a paycheck, the former Heisman Trophy winner still itches to get back in the game. The quarterback who electrified the league with his miracle comebacks during the 2011 season is staying in shape, waiting for his opportunity to play again.

It’s a bit mystifying why he hasn’t gotten a chance. After all, not a lot of quarterback in their prime who boast a lifetime record above .500 as a starter (albeit 8-6) can’t find work. And there are certainly plenty of teams who could use his services.

The NFL is filled with terrible backup quarterbacks, players that are nowhere near as competent as Tim Tebow. To see the 10 teams who could use the QB’s services, CLICK HERE.

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