10 teams that will definitely miss the playoffs doesn’t include Denver Broncos


Right now, everyone is feeling optimistic. Around the NFL, teams like their chances of making something special happen in 2014. In the ultimate wide-open league, where worst-to-first turnarounds are commonplace, virtually every franchise is convinced that this is their year.

Of course, they all can’t be right. Only 12 of 32 teams will make the playoffs, meaning 20 franchises will have come up short of at least one of their goals.

Who will those 20 teams be? That’s tough to say, as so many variable (namely injuries) can play a part in how things turn out. But it is possible to fill out half of the dance card, listing the teams who won’t be playing a game in 2015 until next August.

With that in mind, to see the 10 teams that won’t make the NFL playoffs in 2014, CLICK HERE.

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