Delano Howell’s neck injury not career ending


Good news today out of Indianapolis Colts camp. Delano Howell, who has been battling a neck injury, has been hurt for more than a week. Today a source told ESPN that the injury is not career ending, which some reports earlier in the week stated that it might be,

Howell met with a specialist in Minneapolis this week to decide the best course of action to treating the injury. Still, however is it unknown how long Howell will have to be sidelined this season. His 2013 season was cut short as well because of a neck injury.

Ryan Grigson earlier this week “”Anytime there’s anything with a neck, you have to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, that’s a serious area. It’s something that’s been nagging him. He’s going through the whole entire process of seeing multiple people so he can formulate that opinion with his wife and his agent and himself and us and make the decision that’s best for Delano.”

Howell was expected to replace Antoine Bethea at safety this season, but now that job might fall to veteran Mike Adams.

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