Football mysteries: Do the Tennessee Titans even really exist?


For whatever reason, the Tennessee Titans have never gotten a whole lot of media attention.

Maybe it’s because they don’t carry brash personalities on their roster like Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Maybe it’s because they’re playing in a relatively small market for an NFL team. Maybe it’s because they never seem to do anything really fantastic to grab the nation’s attention, or anything truly awful for that matter. Even horrible teams like the lowly Detroit Lions seem to get more ink.

The last time the Titans made a splash was the 2008 season when they went 13-3 with Chris Johnson carrying the team on his back.

Whatever the reason, people just don’t seem to notice the Titans no matter what they do.

In a hilarious sendup of the situation, comic artist Dave Rappocio has penned a great article for Kissing Suzy Kolber which alleges that the Titans are nothing but an urban legend: a kind of ghost story that football fans tell eachother. Here’s a small slice of it:



You can find the whole thing here. It’s definitely worth a read if you need a laugh.

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