Tweet of the Game: Robert Griffin III was severely ineffective against the Ravens


I have a feeling Robert Griffin III wishes things went a little different last night. Maybe he’ll start taking shots at his “doubters” again? That said, for all the doubters he does have, he deserves them after last night’s performance. His decision making was not up to par, and he was simply ineffective.

Take a look:

At least he ran out of bounds, avoiding a major hit, but this is simply lazy quarterback play. He needs to get the ball out of his hands faster.

This is just another example of why so many feel RGIII needs to grow as a pocket passer. He needs to read the field better and see Jordan Reed breaking away. The interception was bad enough, but when coupled with what should have been a huge gain, it’s inexcusable.

There’s not much to say… That’s just really, really bad.

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