VIDEO: Peyton Manning beefs with Houston Texans safety over hard hit


After a testy week of combined practices with the Denver Broncos, the Houston Texans probably should have expected something like this.

Late in the second quarter, Texans safety D.J. Swearinger delivered a hard blow to Denver wide receiver Wes Welker, which resulted in a concussion and his having to leave the game. Check out the clip:

It was a hard hit but a perfectly legal one from where I’m sitting. However, it did not sit well with the Broncos. Minutes later after throwing a touchdown to Emmanuel Sanders, Peyton Manning got up in Swearinger’s face and let him know how he felt about it:

Manning was flagged for a taunting penalty which cost Denver 15 yards. When he was asked after the game what it was Manning said to him when he got in his face, Swearing he replied “”He didn’t invite me to dinner.” Houston went on to win in nail-biter fashion, 18-17

Rivalries have started over far less. Could it be that there’s a new one developing between the Broncos and Texans?

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