Demario Davis’ inside source tells him New York Jets will have special year


When making predictions about the coming NFL season, most people look to journalists with inside sources like Ian Rapoport or number crunchers like Nate Silver, but few think to go directly to the players.

Why not? Who better would know how a team is going to perform than the guys who will be out there fighting for every inch of turf? Well, of course the players are inherently biased. At this time of year everyone is talking about the “ultimate goal is to win a Super bowl” and each team at least has a couple of things to be excited about.

But if you asked New York Jets linebacker Demario Davis, he has a special inside source who tells him that the Jets will have a special year – that being the ultimate inside source, God.

Davis told Kristian Dyer of as much over the weekend:

“Last year, it was Gideon, about having faith to step out and be a leader and trust in God that he will show up. Now the second part of it, and this is the most important part of the season right here: faith, trusting that this season will be special. The big thing that keeps coming is that, ‘This is the season, this is the season. Believe in it, have faith.”

That’s a nice vote of confidence by the big man in the Jets, and I’m not saying that he’s wrong, but it should probably be noted that Davis said the exact same thing last year.

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