Chiefs’ Travis Kelce graded best second string tight end in NFL for preseason


The worst thing about the preseason is that the games don’t count for anything and you’re unlikely to see a whole lot of your favorite players. The flip side of that is you get glimpses of guys who may become future stars in the NFL.

So far one of the brightest lights this preseason has been Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who has been so solid that Pro Football Focus graded him the best second stringer at his position through three games:



Kelce has demonstrated soft hands and a knack for being extremely difficult to bring down once he builds up a head of steam, as we saw against the Bengals:

Kelce also dragged a trio of Panthers defensive backs into the end zone a couple of weeks back. If he continues to impress we may see a lot more of him this sophomore season.

PFF also gave running back Cyrus Gray the best backup honor.

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