Jay Cutler annoyed with Buffalo Bills’ signing of quarterback Jordan Palmer


That didn’t take long.

Yesterday the Chicago Bears released quarterback Jordan Palmer and named Jimmy Clausen their official backup quarterback. Today we learned that their Week 1 opponents, the Buffalo Bills, plan on signing him to a new contract.

The most immediate benefit that the Bills will get from Palmer is loads of information about how the Bears offense operates. Even though head coach Doug Marrone denies it:

The Bills play their last preseason game against the Lions this weekend, but I think it’s pretty obvious what the plan is here. Jay Cutler was predictably less than thrilled when he learned the news. Here’s what he told Michael Wright of ESPN a short time ago:

“He can give them things I’m sure. He knows snap counts, some of the stuff we do with our checks, what plays we like. But they still have to defend it. So we won’t change much if anything, maybe a few tweaks here and there. But we’ll just have to go play football and see how it goes.”

The good news is that even if Palmer is able to give them an inside scoop, the Bills still have an inherent disadvantage to overcome in being the Buffalo Bills.


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  • Fisherman695

    Sould have kept Palmer of practice squad, you know one QB will get hurt in 16 games?

  • BillsBacker

    Last time I looked, the Bears were 5-6 with Jay Cutler under center last season. I think it is kind of laughable that the author would quote a guy with as little credibility as crybaby Jay to support his dirty tricks premise. I’m sure this guy will be the first to criticize Cutler the next time he plays crappy and has to leave a game with a fake injury.

    • Chitownbears

      Seriously your the bills stop crying, last time I looked the bills always sucked

      • BillsBacker

        Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I just got done laughing. Who is crying now?!?!?

    • Chitownbears

      When was the last time buffalo won anything significant? Bulls, bears, white sox, Blackhawks, all champions so shut the fuck up

    • Chitownbears


  • Another BillsBacker

    Tim….as to your last sentence: Bite Me.

  • Bills Blow

    Bills suck Tim I agree with you

    • TO BB

      Who else do you blow?

  • Scott Norwood

    WIDE RIGHT ! bitch

    • BillsBacker

      Hey DB. Nice comment. Who’s the bitch now!?!?