Report: Ryan Mallett may have played his last game with the Patriots


If you just bought yourself another Ryan Mallett jersey, you might want to try and return that thing because he still has one foot out the door, one way or the other.

According to Ian Rapoport, of, the New England Patriots will be sitting Mallett for the entirety of the fourth preseason game in an effort to make sure he remains healthy for any potential trades.

With the injury to Sam Bradford last week, there is now another team on the market for a possible quarterback, along with the Texans, who’ve long been rumored to have interest in Mallett.

Rapoport reports, though, that the Patriots will not trade Mallett unless they feel entirely comfortable with Garoppolo as their backup.

Picturing Garoppolo as the Pats’ backup isn’t that hard, but, after this preseason, it is a little difficult to imagine any team given up a whole lot to deal for Mallett. He may not have been abysmal, but he definitely hasn’t been great. Garoppolo has been much more impressive.

There is also a significant chance that Garoppolo wins the job outright, and the Patriots simply release Mallett, given that they can’t find a suitable trade offer. That makes sense since the Texans, who are likely the Pats’ most likely trade partner, would have the first waiver claim to pick up Mallett if he is released.

Either way, we may have seen the last of Mallett in a Patriots uniform.

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