Twitter Tuesday: Chase Daniel to the Rams?


Once news broke of Sam Bradford’s season-ending knee injury, the Twitter-verse responded with its usual antics, which consist of blowing up in smoke with rampant speculation and endless amounts of rumors.

One Chiefs player fell victim to Twitter’s rumors on Sunday.

It’s a well known fact that backup signal callers around the league are always in high demand in the wake of an injury to a starter, and Chase Daniel simply happened to be next on the list of backups who some thought the St. Louis Rams would have interest in.

Take a look at the speculation that surrounded Daniel on Sunday, especially from Chiefs fans:

Some Rams fans weren’t necessarily against acquiring Daniel, either:

However, The Kansas City Star’s Terez Paylor put an end to the speculation, at least for now:

[fanmob id=”741a7163-a10f-401d-92a0-7ef84248eccf”]

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