Mailbag: how will Kenny Stills injury impact the New Orleans Saints offense?


Nick, I hate seeing a guy as young and talented as Kenny Stills continue to deal with this quad injury. But will his loss really have an impact on an already deep receiving corps? – Confident Collin, Crowley

Collin you may be on to something here.

As Saints fans I think we’ve all been impressed with Stills dynamic play and his ability to take the top off of a defense, but I’m not sure that his loss has a huge impact on the Saints’ offense as a whole.

Brandin Cooks sat out Week 3 of the preseason with a non-football related illness, and he’s set to return by Week 1. The Saints also have Robert Meachem, Joe Morgan, Nick Toon, or Andy Tanner to take over Stills’ role as the deep man.

Obviously if Stills can’t go in Week 1 it’s not ideal, but with Drew Brees at the helm and the bevy of weapons around him (including … oh yea … the best tight end in the game Jimmy Graham) I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about the Saints’ offense taking a step back.

To that end, it may actually benefit Stills to take it slow coming back from this second aggravation of his quad. He’s not necessarily needed in the offense, and if he rushes back only to re-injure himself it may prove more costly both to the Saints and to his career in the long run.

So slow down Kenny! Come back when you’re ready and we’ll welcome you with open arms.

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