Mailbag: Can Ryan Fitzpatrick toss 30, Foster bouncing back, more


Alex, with the preseason emergence of Ryan Griffin, and C.J. Fiedorowicz looking like he could be a threat in the passing game, along with Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins, is it realistic to believe Ryan Fitzpatrick can toss 30 or more touchdowns this year? That is, if he keeps the job, or is that overly-ambitious? Peter, Pasadena.

Hi Peter,

Right now, it does look like Ryan Fitzpatrick has the best supporting cast of his career. It remains to be seen if Griffin and Fieodorowicz will pan out as tight ends, but you can expect another strong season from Andre Johnson, and likely a breakout year for DeAndre Hopkins.

As for 30 touchdowns? It’s definitely not out of the question. He tossed 23 with the Buffalo Bills in 13 starts during  2010, and then 24 in both 2011 and 2012, where he played all 16 games. Stevie Johnson was his only legitimate receiving threat, however.

If Fitzpatrick does stay healthy, and if he is able to keep the starting job throughout the entire regular season, he could easily reach 30 or more touchdowns. I would bet something closer to the 25-28 range, but having an offensive guru head coach in Bill O’Brien could definitely help him reach 30 for the first time in his career.

Hi Alex, do you think we’ll see Arian Foster regain his elite form that we saw from 2010-12? Or do you think he’s not going to produce at a high level anymore, based on his injuries and back surgery he had to undergo last year? Jason, Austin

Hi Jason,

Right now, it is hard to say for sure if Foster will be elite. It all comes down to if he can stay healthy. If he plays in every game this season, I don’t see how he can’t reach 1,200-plus rushing yards and double-digit touchdowns, which is something he did from 2010-12. Even with rookie Alfred Blue competing for reps, I think this is Foster’s team and starting position.

I would say that every time he’s on the field, Foster should produce on the ground. He’s done it for a few years now, and at 28 years old, he should still play at a high level for at least two more years, if he avoids injuries.

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