The Seattle Seahawks should trade Terrelle Pryor to the Rams


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tavaris Jackson doesn’t need to worry about losing his job to Terrelle Pryor.

The number two slot behind the franchise Russell Wilson is as locked up as any roster spot on the team. Jackson is not spectacular, but his confidence and familiarity with Seattle’s system make him a comfortable fill-in for Wilson for a few plays here and there, or in a blow-out situation (which could be a real need for the Seahawks this year).

Jackson is a natural leader, loved by his teammates. Even if Jackson doesn’t have Wilson’s downfield awareness on the scramble (who does?), he does have similar mobility while rolling out of the pocket – this enables the Seahawks to use the same plays with both players.

When Seattle traded a seventh-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for quarterback Terrelle Pryor in April, there was never much of a real possibility Pryor would bump T-Jack for the number two spot. Pryor was brought in because he too has scrambling ability and mobility, making him right for the system. But along with his track-star speed, Pryor also brings a propensity to throw picks.

The only decision the Seahawks have to make is whether to keep him as a third-string quarterback, or stick with two. Wilson does not seem injury prone, and with a solid backup like Jackson, keeping only two quarterbacks opens up a roster spot elsewhere, where it is undoubtedly needed. For the last two seasons Seattle has gone with only two quarterbacks.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the NFC West…

On Saturday night, Saint Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford tore the same ACL that ended his season last year. Bradford requires surgery and will be out for the season. Two weeks before the beginning of the season, this is beyond devastating. Bradford was drafted first overall in 2010 to be the long-term franchise quarterback for the Rams.

Now there are some serious doubts about whether his body, and in particular his reconstructed knee, can stand up to the brutality of NFL. The injury was freakish, with not a lot of contact. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, of course, will back up his guy, and wait another season for Bradford to recover. But Fisher can not ignore the dire need for a quarterback who could potentially lead his team into the playoffs.

Are the Rams fishing for a QB? Said Fisher: “I’ve heard that there’s speculation that we’re on the phone. That’s not true. It doesn’t mean to say that we won’t, but we haven’t done it at this point. We’ll get together as an organization and see. But right now, keep in mind these guys understand our system.”

Translation: The Rams are on the phone.

Terrelle Pryor was Al Davis’ last pick for the Oakland Raiders, taken in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft. Last year Pryor started nine games, putting up 1,798 yards, seven touchdowns and eleven interceptions, with a completion percentage of 57.4. He is a speed freak who could break out of the pocket, any time, and take it to the house.

Pryor carries an attraction to any NFL general manager interested in copy-catting the Seahawks system, with his mobility and time playing with the team. ‘

The Rams are still reapting the benefits of the Robert Griffin III trade (himself battling knee issues) and have some quality young pieces to offer the Seahawks. John Schneider can go to town with mid-level draft picks.

You can bet money that Schneider is on the phone with the Rams.

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