Five Seattle Seahawks players who are on the bubble tonight vs. Raiders


Tonight is the final preseason game of 2014 for the Seattle Seahawks. For casual fans the fourth game is all but unwatchable because at most the starters will see one or two series on the field. The fourth game is all about evaluating guys who are on the bubble – meaning players who may or may not make the roster depending on how they perform.

Here are five Seahawks players who are on the bubble that need to impress tonight against the Oakland Raiders.

1. Terrelle Pryor

114 quarterbacks have taken snaps so far this preseason. Based on passer rating, Pryor has outplayed exactly three of them.

If numbers don’t convince you that Pryor is in trouble, you should know that he admitted he was not prepared to get onto the field in the fourth quarter against the Bears last week. Somewhere Pete Carroll is shaking his head and chewing his gum a little harder.

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