Led by rookie quarterback Derek Carr, Raiders spank Seattle Seahawks hard


Tonight the Seattle Seahawks closed out their preseason calendar with an embarassing spanking at the hands of the Oakland Raiders by a score of 41-31. While the last preseason game is all about determining roster moves and evaluating talent, it was a dismal showing by the champs.

MVP – Derek Carr

If we’re talking just Seahawks here then Russell Wilson would win hands down. On the first drive of the game Seattle moved the ball 80 yards downfield in just one minute and 45 seconds. Wilson completed two perfect long balls; one to Jermaine Kearse and another to Luke Willson in the end zone.

However, the star of the night was unquestionably the Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr, who smoked the Seahawks first team defense and then had his way with the second stringers.

Carr completed 11 of 13 passes for 143 yards and three touchdowns. His passer rating was over 152. If Oakland doesn’t start him over Matt Schaub Week 1 they’re completely incompetent. Carr demonstrated a powerful arm and he also did a great job of looking off Seattle’s safeties and then finding his receivers on deep balls.

LVP – Seahawks Defense

Honorable mention here should go to Tarvaris Jackson, who never settled in. He seemed unsure of himself and out of sync on every snap. However, the defense was so horrendous tonight that nobody else could possibly take the award.

Phillip Adams got burned for a touchdown early. Akeem Auguste got lit up. The secondary in general was just inexcusably soft. One bright spot was DeShawn Shead, who did a nice job defending a deep pass and came up with a pick six to end a 28-0 unanswered scoring run by the Raiders.

X-Factor – Latavius Murray

As good as Carr was, Murray was instrumental in opening up the field. Oakland established the run early with the 6’3″, 225 pound Murray, who averaged over five yards per carry.

It’s one thing when the second-string secondary gets beat by a talented young quarterback, but on the first drive Murray ran at will on the Seahawks starters. You can bet that they will be working on stopping runs between the tackles this week in practice.

Tweet of the game

Pretty much sums the first half up perfectly.

What it Means

Nobody cares about the outcome of this game, but I guarantee that Pete Carroll intends to use this as a teaching opportunity. Late in the first half when the Raiders were up 28-7 you could see that he was livid on the sideline with the way his team was playing.

In a way this was the best possible thing that could have happened to Seattle: it guarantees that they’ll come into the season opener hungry.

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Thursday, September 4th, 2014 5:30 PM

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  • Sonny

    10 point difference is not a spanking…..

    • Zack

      It’s Cover 32 stating it was a spanking. In other words, no professional writer or anaylist had anything to do with this article. Cover 32 is a bunch of biased people who hate the Seahawks.

  • Zack

    What last night’s non-spanking of the Seahawks shows is that the Raiders seem to think they were in a playoff game and the champs knew they were playing the 4th who gives a crap preseason game. They’re not gonna scout or watch film or even play hard in the 4th preseason game. I also agree with what Sonny posted… 10 point difference isn’t a spanking. What the dumbass writers at Cover 32 need to look at and let it sink in, is the Seahawks 1st offensive drive of the game. 3 plays and touchdown. The Seahawks didn’t need to do anything else to prove superiority.

    • Tim Weaver

      A few things Zach:

      1. You spelled analyst wrong.
      2. A professional wrote this article.
      3. When Oakland’s starters were on the field Seattle got spanked, hence the title. I sincerely doubt anyone on the team would tell you anything different.
      4. If you really think the Seahawks did not scout or watch film or play hard at all then you obviously don’t know this team.
      5. I mentioned the first drive – if you read more than just the headline you would have realized this.
      6. The Raiders outplayed the Seahawks and won the game. That’s what happened. Saying so does not make me biased against the Seahawks and I consider myself a big fan.
      7. Please find something better to do on Friday night. Seriously.