Mailbag: Is Linsley ready to start vs. Seattle?


With Tretter going down last week and so little time to prepare Corey Linsley for the Seattle Seahawks on opening night, wouldn’t the Packers be better off shifting one of their veteran offensive lineman over to the center role for at least that game, and give Linsley more time to prepare?

– Jay from Chicago, Ill.

It’s possible, but Linsley should be relatively prepared by the time Opening Day comes around. Linsley has gotten plenty of reps with the second and third teams and should get enough work to be ready for Seattle. The Packers will probably add a veteran center soon and it’s possible they go with the veteran, but in all likelihood, it’ll be Linsley getting the start against Seattle.



How important is preseason game 4? We won’t even see the starters, and most of the players in the game won’t make the final cut. Should we even be paying attention?

– Chris from Montana

Week 4 is the final chance to get the rust off. The Packers have looked good this preseason and the first team has been exceptional. People don’t pay attention to preseason anyway, so I don’t expect there to be a big drop in viewership just for this week.



B.J. Raji going down seems to be a bigger deal than it’s being made out to be. Are the Packers really deep enough at that position to move forward seamlessly?

– Jim from Hayward, Wis.

Raji’s loss is a big one, but the Packers weren’t going to be great against the run whether Raji was playing or not. Right now, LeTroy Guion is listed as the top nose tackle and Josh Boyd is a solid backup. If Mike Neal sees more playing time, its possible that the Packers move Mike Daniels inside. If Datone Jones develops as expected, Raji’s loss won’t be as big.