Ranking the top 5 Atlanta Falcons themed fantasy football team names


Tonight the Atlanta Falcons will close out their pre-season schedule against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That means the 2014 NFL season is so close that we can almost taste it. That almost means that it’s time to get your fantasy football team ready.

I had my draft a couple weeks ago and can’t wait to get started. (Actually to tell you the truth I didn’t get anybody I wanted and reached for Drew Brees in the second round. I have not slept since and am conniving to drug another league member and convince him to trade me Adrian Peterson for scraps. Fantasy football does things to people.)

Anyway… the first order of business in creating a championship caliber fantasy team is picking a clever name with some sort of play on your favorite team. Here are our five Falcon-themed favorites:

5. The great Corn Julio

4. Stephen Jack-Son Wax-Off

3. The Ryan King

2. Millenium Falcons

1. Grab me a Biermann

Submit your own Falcons fantasy team name in the comments section and you could win a prize.

Spoiler: the prize is our undying respect. Sorry.

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