Report: Tom Brady was “very upset” with the Logan Mankins trade


According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, Tom Brady was “very upset” with the Logan Mankins trade. Cole said that Brady had a “very emotional reaction,” and that the two were close friends.

Friendship aside, Brady has every right to be upset. Over the course of his career, Brady has had the opportunity to consistently be the highest paid player in the NFL, but has instead opted to take less money so that the Patriots can continue to keep strong players around him. Apparently, that’s not working.

Mankins was jettisoned after refusing to take a pay cut, and now Brady must be asking why he’s even bothered to take one all these years. Now, it’s not like Brady is struggling for money, but he is currently the 11th highest paid quarterback in the NFL (in terms of cap hit), behind the likes of Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford.

It’s not as if this team is appreciably worse than they were a couple days ago, but for all Brady has given this organization the last decade-plus, you’d think Bill Belichick might work a little harder to keep someone like Mankins.

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