Texans star Arian Foster to Houston media: Your questions are boring


A couple of weeks ago Houston Texans running back Arian Foster gave what was quite possibly the lamest press conference in the history of the National Football League. No matter what anybody asked him he replied that he was just trying to be the best teammate he could be.

Then he took to Twitter to rant about the media’s lies and propaganda:

So what’s up with that? Is Foster just socially awkard like Marshawn Lynch, or does he have some legitimate gripe as to why he doesn’t want to speak with the media?

Now we finally know. According to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, Foster says he finds Houston’s reporters boring:

“I only have that reputation with the local media, the Houston media here it’s they ask really mundane questions and when I give them mundane answers they get upset with me, I feel like as reporters it’s your job to write your story, not have your interviewee write your story and so I kind of hold them accountable to that and they get really upset.”

Come on now, you can’t honestly expect me to believe that sportswriters are a banal, mundane bunch of…

Fair enough.

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