Which Seahawks players on the bubble helped themselves last night?


Yesterday I wrote a post about which Seattle Seahawks players were on the bubble going into the last preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. Now that the game is done we can evaluate which players helped themselves and which ones sunk their chances of making the final 53 man roster.

Here’s the list of bubble players and how they did:

1. QB Terrelle Pryor: BUST

If you looked at the box score but didn’t actually see the game you might be fooled into thinking that Pryor had a solid outing. Pryor’s passer rating was 108.5 and he threw for 134 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. Sounds good, right? The only problem is that he played pretty poorly.

Once again Seattle’s offensive line allowed a lot of pressure, and Pryor did not fare well. Maybe it’s unfair to judge him on how he reacts to bad pass protection, but the fact is that this offensive line is what it is and whoever the Seahawks quarterback is will have to deal with it. Pryor looked shaky against the pass rush and hurried his throws, especially on third down.

He did make one nice long strike to Phil Bates for a touchdown at the end of the first half but that won’t be enough to salvage his chances of making the roster.

2. RB Demetrius Bronson: WIN

Bronson was cut earlier this week when rosters were trimmed down to 75, but Christine Michael‘s hamstring trouble gave him another chance, and once again Bronson took advatange of his snaps.

For the game Bronson averaged 4.4 yards per carry and was one of the few bright lights in the blocking game.

As deep as Seattle is at runnning back, it probably won’t be enough to earn him a roster spot, but maybe he’s earned himself a place on the practice squad.

3. FB Kiero Small: WIN

It is fun as hell watching this guy play isn’t it?

When I heard Brock say that he measures in at 5’8″ and 250 pounds I almost didn’t believe it, but then I witnessed Small crashing his way through several tackles. He caught two passes for 18 yards and laid a serious hit on a Raiders returner on special teams.

Once again Small is a victim of Seattle’s depth in the backfield, but if Derrick Coleman or Spencer Ware get injured during the season there’s a good chance we’ll see John Schneider give Small a call.

4. WR Bryan Walters: WIN

Walters had a really shaky start by fumbling a kickoff return in the first quarter, but he made up for it and then some.

One of the bigger concerns I have this season is how the Seahawks will make up for Golden Tate’s stellar production on punt returns. I am very leery of Earl Thomas handling those duties. If you don’t know why you need look no further than the hit Kiero Small laid on last night.

Walters finished the evening with 150 return yards, 47 receiving yards, and a touchdown. He’s going to give Pete Carroll a really tough choice when it comes to the final wide receiver spot. Can he supplant Ricardo Lockette? We’ll have to wait and see.

5. DBs Phillip Adams, Akeem Auguste: DOUBLE BUST

The Seahawks defense played as bad as it had since the first half of the Tampa Bay game last year. When Oakland ran the ball, they got first downs. When Oakland passed the ball, they got touchdowns. They moved the chains at will the entire first half and even got Pete Carroll to lose his cool and start dropping F bombs on the sideline.

These guys were two of the worst culprits. Adams got caught watching the grass grow in left field and his man burned him for a touchdown and Auguste struggled to keep up with Oakland’s athletic receivers all night.

If I had to guess I’d say neither of these guys will be joining the LOB this year.

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