NFL hits Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick with massive fine


If you missed Sunday’s preseason matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals you missed one hell of a hit by cornerback and gunner Dre Kirkpatrick.

Cardinals return man Ted Ginn Jr. got cracked in the head a nanosecond after catching the ball on this punt. Check it out:

Kirkpatrick thought it was a clean hit, but somebody in the league office clearly disagrees, because we learned last night that the NFL is fining Kirkpatrick $22,050 for unnecessary roughness, according to a report by ESPN’s Ed Werder.

The NFL is doing its best to protect players from debilitating head injuries, but kickoff and punt returns are extremely difficult to police as the kicking team is going full speed and the collisions are generally harder and more dangerous than at any other time of the game.

I think that Kirkpatrick’s hit was penatly-worthy but the fine is a bit excessive. What say you?

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  • ken

    I understand player safety-but let them play football!! Excessive fine for sure!!!!