Person claiming to be Brandian Ross' sister goes racist "defending" Ross


The Oakland Raiders made their final cuts along with the rest of the league on Saturday and one of the guys that lost his job was strong safety Brandian Ross. In 2013, Ross filled in as a starter for the injured Tyvon Branch to disastrous results. Easily one of the worst safeties in the entire league, it was not surprising that the Raiders drafted Jonathan Dowling in the seventh round as a guy who could potentially replace Ross as the backup strong safety.

Despite an average preseason for the raw Dowling, sure enough, he was afforded a roster spot at the expense of Ross. None of that is very surprising or unexpected if you followed the Raiders very closely. Though raw, Dowling presents much more of an upside than Ross did and is a project while Ross is more of a lost cause.

What makes his story notable is the fact that a person claiming to be his sister decided to take to Twitter in an attempt to defend Ross against Raiders fans who were gleefully celebrating the fact that the team had decided to move on from the struggling safety. Rather than simply defend the quality of his play, Brie Ross (@GottaLoveBrie) decided to show her lack of education by resorting to disgusting racist commentary in an attacks on Raiders fans who dared to want their team to improve.



And as if that was not enough, she continued her idiotic comments by telling people who brought reasonable commentary to the situation to “leave the racism to me”

racist me


Now, to be clear, I cannot confirm that this is Ross’ sister. However, she claims to be his sister and was also interacting with someone who claims to be Ross’ wife.


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  • Savi

    That’s definitely his sister …. She claims to be defending her brother but all she was make him look even worse… Bad enough she stalk his other child’s mom her and his wife have done the same thing to the young lady who had a second son by him in Miami …no surprise she’s known for that foolishness .