Four observations on the Philadelphia Eagles final roster


The Philadelphia Eagles trimmed their roster down to the mandatory 53 players on Saturday, and there are number of implications to note about the moves they made. Let’s get right to it.

1. The Eagles are depending heavily on the health of LeSean McCoy. 

By only carrying three running backs in McCoy, Darren Sproles, and the currently injured Chris Polk, the Eagles better hope that Shady stays healthy. McCoy has never seriously injured himself at the NFL level, besides a minor concussion in 2012 when the Eagles’ season was already down the drain (knock on wood–you all have full permission to crush me if he gets hurt this year). He did suffer a serious compound fracture in his right ankle during his senior year of high school that nearly ended his career. And who could forget the hamstring scare McCoy gave everyone in the second game against the Washington Redskins last year? Having said that, it’s certainly still reasonable to expect him to continue to stay healthy.

Nevertheless, the Eagles don’t have much dependability behind him. Sproles has never rushed for more than 610 yards in a season, and Polk is one of those guys that always seems to be hurt. The birds did sign  Matthew Tucker to the practice squad, and he showed serious flashes in the preseason, leading all running backs in touchdowns. Still, Tucker and Polk are hardly proven commodities and it wouldn’t be ideal if they saw significant playing time this season.

Polk is reportedly supposed to be ready for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1, which is definitely promising. If he suffers any type of setback from now until then, the Eagles will have to roll with Sproles as the primary backup, and the inexperienced Tucker.