Robert Griffin III says, "We fixed what we had to fix"


It’s safe to say that the Redskins’ starting offense didn’t have the greatest preseason. In their 11 possessions, none ended in a touchdown. Luckily for the Redskins fans around the nation, there’s no need to worry because Robert Griffin III says everything’s all fixed.

“We fixed what we had to fix in practice,” he said, via, but he didn’t feel like expanding on exactly how: “That’s for us to know and you guys to find out.”

Yeah, I don’t know about that. I have hope, but RGIII and the rest of the offense are going to have to show it to me before I believe they’ve “fixed” their problems—and that includes Jay Gruden’s play calling.

Nobody should ever put too much stock into the preseason, but you can’t ignore it either. That said, I, and apparently RGIII, don’t think it was as bad as it looked.

“I think the biggest thing for everyone was that we didn’t score any touchdowns in the preseason, but as long as we score touchdowns in the regular season, that doesn’t matter for us as an offense,” RGIII said. “We had two solid games and we put together a bad one. That’s what everybody remembers and that’s fine. We’ll get that taste out of our mouth when we play Houston.”

The good news is that the season has been reset. These last four preseason games mean just as much as the last 20 preseason games combined: nothing.

“Now it counts,” said RGIII. “This is when all the work you put in the offseason comes to fruition.”

Let’s just hope it does.

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    Just do your thang Robert.