Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett calls Aaron Rodgers a vegetable


Like the snake and the mongoose or the lion and the hyena, it’s only natural for defensive linemen to hate quarterbacks, but if you were to ask them why I doubt that any of them could be as eloquent as Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett.

In an interview with John Boyle of the Herald of Everett over the weekend, Bennett likened quarterbacks to everyone’s least favorite vegetable:

“It’s almost like when you’re a kid and your mom gives you Brussels sprouts; you need them but they taste nasty, and that’s how I feel about quarterbacks. You need them, but they taste nasty.”

But when it comes to the subject of the Seahawks’ Week 1 opponent, the Green Bay Packers, Bennett was kinder to Aaron Rodgers:

“He’s more like a green bean,” Bennett said. “He’s a good quarterback. He’s won an MVP, won a championship. He’s an expensive vegetable. You get him at Whole Foods, not Safeway. He’s a great quarterback.”

In his own way, Bennett is a silly sort of genius. Somebody needs to make a book of collected Michael Bennett quotes.

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  • Alpha_Hawk

    GO GET ‘EM MIKE….oh,and…GO HAWKS

  • mrgett

    Headlines don’t get any more deceptive than this one. These headlines should create some hate among the ignorant fans who don’t bother to read the whole story. A totally different picture emerges when you read the article.

    • Tim Weaver

      It was a compliment. People who only read headlines deserve to be ignorant.

  • Hawksfan206912

    And i would buy that book lol